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Shenzhen Sunbow Investment development Co., Ltd.
Dedicated to producing and selling of environmentally friendly food packages and containers
Shenzhen Sunbow Environment Protection Co., Ltd.
Dedicated to producing and selling of environmentally friendly food packages and containers
Shenzhen Sunbow Co., Ltd.
Dedicated to producing and selling of environmentally friendly food packages and containers
Suzhou Fengze Plastics co., Ltd.
Dedicated to producing and selling of environmentally friendly food packages and containers
Beijing Baoyijin jewelry Ornament Co., Ltd.
With the main bussiness scope of the wholesale and retail of premium gold and jewelry, as well as investment suggestions
Shanghai Carat Times Diamond Asset Management Co., Ltd.
To manufacture, process, design, wholesale, and sell premium diamonds
Jilin Gold Group Gold & Jewelry Co., Ltd.
A large-sized enterprise group on producing, wholesaling and retailing gold
Jilin Gold Group Culture and Communication Co., Ltd.
To inherit the culture and communicate the essence of the jewelry industry
Jilin Gold Group Mineral Management Co., Ltd.
Dedicated on developing gold mineral resources
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Jilin Gold—the first gold mineral in China
Jilin was an important gold origin in China since ancient times. The gold exploiting history is long, for example, the famous Huadian Jiapigou Gold Mineral is called “the first gold mineral of China”; as one of the ten largest gold production areas in China, Jilin has the yield accounting for about 50% of the whole province; at present, more than 100 ton gold have been produced in Jilin accumulatively.

浙江快乐彩任选三玩法:Jilin history—the inheritance and innovation spanning two centuries.

浙江快乐彩12造5 5,000 --- 4,000 years ago, man worked, lived and multiplied in Jilin and therefore some ancient cultural remains were left. The time when they started to exploit gold here is recorded clearly in Jilin local chronicles. Since establishment of “gangmaster system” in 1820, the gold in Jilin was exploited in order and there is over 200 year history so far. As “Jilin is the treasure place and hometown of gold”, a large number of Chinese people came to Jilin since Emperor Qianlong greatly praised “gold and silver are natural benefits”, especially those out of Shanhai Pass, who came to the white mountain and black water, braved the journey to Northeast and gathered at Jiapigou to exploit gold. This is the earliest origin of Jilin Gold.

Jilin dream — spread the Chinese auspicious culture
to all over the world with gold and jewelry as carriers.

ilin Gold series new and excellent products are promoted successfully due to powerful product R&D ability which always makes it outstanding in the fierce market competition so as to be always the best one among all rivals. Jilin gold and jewelry ornament occupy market quickly and successfully due to first promotion of auspicious gold largely, for it breaks through the traditional and narrow vision in the industry, creates new technology for processing gold, leads new consumption trade and lays powerful technical and economic foundation for proceeding quick and stable development of Jilin Gold. At present, the “Auspicious Gold” series products created by Jilin Gold become the gold culture standard and example for the east of Shanhai Pass.

In recent years, Jilin Gold Group is strategically positioned to “focus on auspicious culture, highlight gold and jewelry works, march towards cultural and creative industries and compete for the first-class enterprise with world competitiveness” by depending on Shenzhen Sinohao (Group) Co., Ltd.

Jilin arts — How many people are there?
Do you still remember the craftsmen devoting to decorating lives for generations and generations of Jilin people?

The melodious sound from gold processing store was common featured picture of Jilin handicraftsmen in 1930s; with time passing by, the handicraft which was popular once at other areas becomes unknown and strange gradually; all these traditional handicrafts which ever were used by common people in Jilin record the unforgettable memories of these industries that gradually become unknown. The gold & silver ornament processing stores are not rare in the downtown areas of Jilin and the gold and silver ornament can be processed by burnishing, polishing and carving through machine and liquid medicine as well as uncomplicated handcraft. However, the traditional handcraft gold processing stores are quite different, for both the complicated and exquisite tools and skillful great master craftsmen show special taste of time and those ornaments processed by hand slowly seem to contain additional human feelings and lingering charm which the modern machinery cannot be engraved.

Jilin Gold

Diamond Financialization

Jilin Gold Group, as the key enterprise that combines gold mineral resources and gold and jewelry cultural industry and winning the concerns of Jilin Provincial and Municipal People’s Government, represents Jilin as the business card of Jilin. By depending on gold mineral resource and making gold and jewelry cultural innovation, Jilin Gold Group, a large-scale enterprise group integrated with gold production, wholesale and retail, is the first batch of gold and jewelry brands named by province.